• Learn My Proven Techniques On How To Feel Good About Yourself and Your Body In
    Just 5 Days!

    The FEEL GOOD JUNKIES CHALLENGE Starts on Monday, September 14, Registration Closes In:

    Hi, I'm Julie Scott.

    I call myself a "Feel Good Junkie" because I'm addicted to feeling good... Years ago I got hooked on doing what makes me feel good and as a result at 54 years old - I lead a healthy, expansive and abundant life.


    My method of achieving and maintaining this is simple - I follow my beloved NORTH STAR… which is FEELING GOOD. Every time I share with new clients about how they too can get fit, stay fit and healthy AND be content and abundant in all areas of their lives by doing just this - they can’t believe it - IT CAN’T BE THAT EASY.

    I find that it’s the simplest things in life that we make the hardest. We over complicate things, we tell ourselves something has to be hard work to be worth it - and it’s just not true. I can already hear what you’re thinking… Okay Julie, all this mumbo-jumbo about feeling good… How do I do it if it’s so easy?

    Well, I’m glad you asked!

  • Join the Feel Good Junkies Challenge and Get Hooked Over 5 Value-Packed Days:

    • Create a vision for yourself and a goal to manifest for the week
    • Create a morning routine that sets you up daily for success
    • Learn about the importance of mindset around food and exercise
    • Learn about the power of intention and how it can guide your life
    • Learn grounding practices that will keep you focused
    • Gain confidence in yourself and your body
    • Increase your energy and enjoy better sleep
    • Embrace feeling healthier
    • Realize how good it feels to focus on you
    • Discover and embrace your inner Feel Good Junkie

    There will also be a dedicated Feel Good Junkies Facebook Community that you’ll be invited to join where I’ll be providing daily live video training, guidance and cheer leading as well as Q&A sessions.

    There will be daily nuggets of wisdom, tips and goodness to keep you on track to reach your goal. Also, the power of community will keep you accountable, motivated and excited to show up for yourself as you’ll be a part of a sisterhood of women all travelling the same path.

    If you’re feeling like you need a boost or a straight up kick-in-the-butt to get out of a funk you’re in from this crazy year so far - THIS may be just the thing to pull you out of it! I know it’s going to help you create some new, healthy habits that you can take with you through the rest of this year and into 2021... and all you have to do is keep focused on FEELING GOOD.

    I hope to see you in the 5 Day Feel Good Junkies Challenge that's kicking off September 14th!

  • How Will It Work?

    1. 2 days before the Challenge begins, you'll be given access to our private, Feel Good Junkies Community on Facebook.

    Make yourself at home, meet your fellow challengers, and familiarize yourself with everything going on in there...

    It's a great chance to meet and bond with some like-minded people!

    2. Once the challenge begins, I'll share one "action item" that asks for just 30-minutes of your time every single day.

    I'll be there to help you complete it if you get stuck, have any questions, or just need some extra moral support.

    It’s called a challenge for a reason - it’s not going to be easy!

    3. After you're done with each "action item," you'll be asked to post about how you're doing in the group.

    The private group is designed to help you achieve the absolute most you can out of the challenge if you put the work in!

    It's an opportunity for everyone to compare notes, congratulate results, and learn from each other!

    The 5 days do require a level of commitment (but it’s so worth it!)


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    I have helped many women "feel good" too by helping them to reconnect with themselves on all levels: mind, body and spirit.

    Most can never believe how easy it can be to actually create real change in your life!


    It’s simply a matter of allowing yourself to focus on YOU, what you want and what makes you feel good inside and out. Open your mind to the possibility that you can get healthy, fit and stay that way. Learn to welcome abundance in all areas of your life because you're worth it. I want to show you that life can be so much better...


    So I created this Free Challenge that will help you start to feel good, now.


    For 5 days, I’ll show you how to feel good - mind, body and spirit, in a dedicated, supportive group full of daily tips and tricks, to help you stay accountable, motivated and excited!

    Enter your details below to join the challenge. We start feeling good on September 14th!