Roarrr with Confidence

    Recognize, Own, Accept, Redefine, Rewrite, and Release (ROARRR) so you confidently reach and maintain your health and fitness goals for 2021 and beyond.


    This is a 3-month group coaching program where you'll be guided to release weight for good without a particular diet or exercise routine.


    Losing weight isn’t a new concept, but Releasing weight is. When you make it happen with confidence? That’s the only diet that works.

  • Hey sister, would you like to release weight and keep it off?

    >> Then I've got to tell you the truth:


    **Diets and other tricks won't truly work unless you work on your mindset first.


    **You won't feel truly confident in your body unless you do the inner work first.


    >> I know you have dreams. <<


    You look at all the clothes in your closet and dream of being able to fit back into them someday.


    You make a long list of goals around getting healthy, fit, or finally losing the weight you’ve been carrying around for far too long, hoping this will be YOUR year…


    You dream about being noticed, complimented, and appreciated.


    You'd love to feel attractive.


    ...Whatever you dream your body to look like...there's one thing you know for sure…. All that yo-yo dieting has never helped you lose the weight and keep it off...forever.


    And feeling good in your own body is what you crave.

  • >> But… things have been way harder than you imagined. <<

    You are stuck in the cycle of self-sabotage, not managing to stick to your promises.


    You’re sick and tired of living the same year over and over again, and not to mention, totally freaked out by how hard it feels to reach your health goals and how much TIME, ENERGY and WORK it’s going to take to achieve your goals…


    You’ve been setting the same goals year after year after year, hoping this will be THE YEAR…


    And yet…you still haven't reached the 'finish line'.


    >> Listen, I’ve been in your shoes.

    I struggled with my body image for years. Being athletic, I always had much bigger thighs and butt than most other girls and that made me self conscious about my body early on.

    My high school boyfriend would pick on me about it, which made me even less confident in my body.

    Then during college, I turned to food for comfort to cope with my insecurities and gained weight that I held onto (and added to) for the next 25+ years.

    My inner talk was brutal. Someone would say to me, “You’re a big girl”, which would register in my head as “You’re fat”.

    I would look in the mirror and wish for a different body.

    I would hide my body in black, baggy pants and skirts or long sweaters that covered my lower body.

    But no one ever knew of my struggles because I kept those feelings locked down deep inside me cleverly disguised by my easy-going, “everything is fine” personality.

    My insecurity around my body bled into all other areas of my life and had me doubting my worth at every turn.

    When my marriage ended in my early 40’s, I remember thinking, "How the hell did I get here?" I realized then and there that I had been playing a part, just pretending. Pretending to be happy.

    I realized that my life or my body wasn’t going to change unless I changed it. I needed to change my thoughts, my habits, and my beliefs so I could address ALL areas of my health:

    >> Mindset, Food, Exercise, Sleep, Relationships, Spirituality, and mostly - how I felt about myself. It was all up to ME. <<

    With a lot of soul searching and deep inner work, I did.

    Based on my history, the idea of doing a bikini competition was just about the furthest thing from what I thought I could EVER do.

    But I DID IT, not once but TWICE - and they were both AFTER I turned 50 years old!!

    What got me to do it? It was my resolve, my desire to overcome my body image issues and insecurities… to prove to myself that I could do whatever I decide to do, at any age, that drove me. It pushed me to do the hard work for the way-worth-it reward...Goodbye body image issues!

    Changing my mindset helped me create all the goodness I have in my life now, including a body that I adore at 54 years old.

  • >> Imagine...

    ...feeling fired up, confident, and at ease going into the New Year?

    ...having an action plan aligned to your soul and values created for you; a plan that taps into your inner power to provide you with the results you’ve been dreaming of.

    ...being happy in your own skin.


    >> Is that possible for you? <<

  • Well...


    All of these things are completely possible, and my program,



    is designed to help you gain the confidence, learn how to think differently 

    about yourself and stop self-sabotage in “bite-sized” chunks.


  • ROARRR stands for:

    Recognize - recognize the beliefs that keep you stuck
    Ownership - take ownership of your life
    Acceptance - accept what is so you can change it
    Redefine - redefine what you want for your life
    Rewrite - rewrite your story and your beliefs to ones that serve you
    Release - release the weight, release the new you into the world with a ROARRR of energy, confidence and strength.

    In the ROARR with Confidence program, you’ll learn that walking confidently through life IS possible for you to live out.


    It doesn’t have to be intimidating.


    Even if you have spent your life hating your body, being hard on yourself, struggling with overthinking or self-sabotage, or just suffering from insecurity and self-doubt.


    I’ll help you uncover the inner blocks that keep you “comfortably overweight”.


    I’ll help you identify the self-beliefs you have about yourself that keep you from truly getting fit and healthy.


    Discover your value, your worth, your birthright to live life as the healthy fit you with ease and flow.


    Learn to trust yourself to release the weight and keep it off.


    I’ll teach you how to peel back the layers of excuses, reasons why so you can stop the self-sabotage once and for all.


    In this program, we’ll look at the loop of thoughts in your head that drive your behavior and you’ll be able to understand how your subconscious (that houses your beliefs) is keeping you stuck in an endless cycle of self-doubt, defeat, and confusion.

  • What you get inside ROARRR WITH CONFIDENCE

    Recognize, Own, Accept, Redefine, Rewrite, and Release (ROARRR)

    Week 1

    Learn to FEEL GOOD...

    By becoming a detective in your life around food, exercise, and mindset. Set an intention of feeling good. When you feel good, you look good, you're healthy and happy.


    This week focuses on your overall vision, setting the goals for the program, manifestation process and your current food habits helping you to:

    • Give yourself permission to just focus on you
    • Get clear on what you really want
    • Get in touch with how your body is feeling
    (Valued at $297)​ Included in ROARRR with Confidence

    Week 2

    Mindset sabotages

    We'll look at what's stopping you from feeling good in your life, all those mindset sabotages - Food/Exercise/Motivation/Etc.


    This week focuses on:

    • Figuring out what is bothering you
    • Becoming aware of your story around it and how it keeps you stuck
    (Valued at $297)​ Included in ROARRR with Confidence

    Week 3

    making changes happen!

    Making change happen! How do we make changes in our lives that are lasting and beneficial?


    This week we’ll focus on:

    • Noticing the patterns, triggers, reactions you make to various situations in your life.

    When you take on something new, a change, you’ll run into RESISTANCE. This module helps you:

    • Go Deeper with your VISION and get clarity.
    • Give yourself permission to want what you want.
    (Valued at $297)​ Included in ROARRR with Confidence

    Week 4

    believe it's possible

    Believe that it's possible for you to have, be or do what you want! This week focuses on:

    • What you want in life
    • Who you’re becoming
    • What that looks like, what that FEELS like.

    You can get what you want in life but that starts with knowing what that is.


    RADICAL HONESTY is required here. If you think you’re committed but not experiencing change and/or movement in that direction - you may NOT be as committed as you think.


    Let’s set you up for success. Now is the time to RECOMMIT & GO ALL IN.


    (Valued at $297)​ Included in ROARRR with Confidence

    Week 5

    decluttering your life

    It’s a letting go… a “sorting” out of what’s good in life from what’s not serving you any longer.

    • You’re already letting go of habits, behaviors, beliefs and weight...the OLD YOU.
    • Create space for the NEW you that you are becoming. You’re changing on ALL levels and in all areas of your life.
    • Clear your energy body - further letting go of stagnant energies, while also keeping your energy sacred and clear.

    (Valued at $297)​ Included in ROARRR with Confidence

    Week 6

    Worth & Self-Forgiveness

    This week we’ll focus on:

    • Allowing yourself to be worthy of all that you want
    • Go back to your WHY
    • Self Forgiveness

    Together we’ll help you realize:

    • You are right where you need to be
    • You must trust your path
    • You are growing and changing at your pace - what works for you, your body
    • There is no comparison… only to yourself yesterday, last week, last month, last year
    • You weren’t ready before, you’re ready now

    (Valued at $297)​ Included in ROARRR with Confidence

    Week 7


    This week we’ll focus on creativity:

    • Living a creative life is to be connected to a sense of play, spontaneity, and permission… that pulls you out of everyday life.
    • It’s about connecting things in a new way

    You’ll begin to see the possibility, where you used to see problems.

    • Looking at new ways to do the same old things…
    • Keep looking for alternatives
    • Stop being so serious
    • Have fun with it

    Stretching yourself just a little to see how much you can do!


    (Valued at $297)​ Included in ROARRR with Confidence

    Week 8

    Being intentional

    This week we’ll focus on:

    • Making a promise to yourself to release and rewrite your story
    • The power of being Intentional and how that drives change
    • Connecting back to your VISION / GOALS
    • Asking for help and being willing to RECEIVE

    (Valued at $297)​ Included in ROARRR with Confidence

    Week 9

    debunking beliefs

    This week we'll focus on Beliefs & Manifestation:

    • You must believe - Sometimes in life what we want does not agree with what we believe is possible.
    • When it comes to our desires, dreams, goals, visions… if we don’t believe what we want IS POSSIBLE - then it will never happen.

    (Valued at $297)​ Included in ROARRR with Confidence

    Week 10

    Letting go of the judgement

    This week we’ll focus on:

    • Setting you up for success way beyond this program…
    • Releasing limitations - letting go of what used to be and freeing yourself for what is new
    • Everyday can be a new beginning… a new conscious recommitment to the new you that you are becoming… that you long to be... Start again.

    (Valued at $297)​ Included in ROARRR with Confidence

    Week 11

    Breathwork Around blockages

    Special Breathwork Session to Clear any remaining blocks and Release stagnant emotional energies. Letting our emotions flow to heal yourself.

    Feedback on this Powerful Experience / Sharing


    (Valued at $297)​ Included in ROARRR with Confidence

    Week 12

    sharing wins!

    This week we'll focus on the journey:


    We covered Resistance, Commitment, Forgiveness, Decluttering, Letting Go, Creativity, Being Intentional, Learning to quiet the Inner Critic, Asking for help, Receiving Help, Releasing Limitations, Your Beliefs and Manifestation, Letting Your Emotions Flow to HEAL yourself and finally Starting Again.


    I cannot wait to witness your journey of transformation!

  • Previous Participants have said...

    Ashley said...

    "Gaining body confidence is so much more than just a weight loss journey. You're dealing with those mental blocks too. I needed something radical, to wake me up. I needed something like this because I wasn't feeling like me. I've seen Julie's personal journey, and it's like, okay, she's been there; I can trust her versus other coaches."  

    Jamie said...

    "Overall, I wanted to feel more confident and happy. I joined because I liked the idea of women coming together to lift each other up. I wanted an experience where the participants wanted to achieve the same thing as me. It's different than just relying on friends in the everyday life to lift you up. It's much more powerful and motivating, you actually do the work to make the changes."

    Kelly said...

    "What I needed was...to go after the mindset of taking care of myself and creating a space where I was a priority. I needed to learn that I was worthy and deserving. Julie helped me see that. One thing I really appreciated about the class was the openness to sharing our truths. I don't think women are very honest with each other (in real life) about what's actually happening in their lives."

  • Are you ready to ROARRR?

    We start December 14th! Cart is open Dec. 4-11.



    One off payment



    3 Full Months Inside the ROARR with Confidence


    Weekly Group Coaching Calls


    Weekly Body Confidence-Building Activities


    The private ROARR with Confidence Facebook group


    Bonus: one 1:1 coaching call with Julie


    3 monthly payments


    per month

    3 Full Months Inside the ROARR with Confidence


    Weekly Group Coaching Calls


    Weekly Body Confidence-Building Activities


    The private ROARR with Confidence Facebook group


    Bonus: one 1:1 coaching call with Julie


    *flexible payment available on request


    3 Full Months Inside the ROARR with Confidence


    Weekly Group Coaching Calls


    Weekly Body Confidence-Building Activities


    The private ROARR with Confidence Facebook group


    Three 1:1 coaching calls with Julie

  • As this will be a small, intimate group, the ROARRR with Confidence program is reserved for people that really want to:

    • Make yourself a priority and feel good about it
    • Create a healthier lifestyle
    • Increase your body confidence
    • Increase your daily energy
    • Enjoy better, deeper sleep
    • Enjoy better moods and a positive outlook
    • Create a healthy relationship with food
    • Stop the mindless eating
    • Learn to love your body
    • Learn to Trust Yourself
    • Holistic weight RELEASE
    • Get to know YOUR body and what works for it
    • Freedom from fear of weight gain in future
    • Enjoy movement, exercise again or for the first time
    • Stop comparing yourself to others
    • Accept and appreciate yourself
    • Rewrite a powerful new story 
  • >>Here's what's waiting for you inside the ROARRR with Confidence program:

    3 Full Months Inside the ROARR with Confidence program, designed to help you gain confidence, how to think differently about yourself and how to stop self-sabotage in “bite-sized” chunks.

    ($3,600 value)

    Weekly Group Coaching Calls: You get results when you take action and stay accountable. Julie will host weekly group coaching calls to give you the space and support to work through your blocks, voice your questions, and the opportunity to experience mega-sized breakthroughs.

    ($2,100 value)


    Weekly Body Confidence-Building Activities full of tangible action steps and exercises that will blow the lid off your progress and launch you into a happier version of yourself.

    ($1,000 value)


    The Private ROARR with Confidence Facebook group where you have 24/7 access to your high-vibe tribe of sisters who are taking this journey to new heights alongside you.


  • Yes, yes, yes, Julie! I am so ready for this.

    Let's ROARRR with Confidence.

    We start December 14th! Cart is open Dec. 4-11.

  • More client love


    When you change the story, you look for different things. When you like who you see and who you are, other people are off the hook. They don’t need to validate you because you validate yourself.”



    >>read her story<<


    "Being a part of this group has changed me... I'm much more confident, I put myself out there more and I now believe I can build up my new business. I'm braver than I ever was. I am pushing myself to put feelers out to more and more people and believe that people want to hear from me!"



    >>read her story<<

  • Hi, I'm Julie

    You see, I’ve found that my clients are typically like me, or rather me about 10 years ago. I have struggled with my body image (hello, self-criticism!), people-pleasing, over-giving, financial problems and fears, a failed marriage, as well as feeling like I’m old and running out of time. All of the areas in my life that I struggled with boiled down to a lack of self-confidence. But, as I learned to accept and trust myself, I was able to make changes in my life for the better. And guess what? I’m more confident now than I’ve ever been.


    Now I’ve made it my mission to help women feel secure in their bodies, worthy in their relationships, and financially abundant so they too can confidently and courageously walk through life. I’ll be sharing all the things I’ve discovered around gaining confidence. Because truly, CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING. Think about it... Is there anything better than feeling truly confident?


    I call myself a Feel Good Junkie, because I go after good-feeling food in all areas of my life: mind, body, and spirit. The cornerstone of feeling good in life is having the confidence that I’m worthy and deserving of all that I desire… AND SO ARE YOU.


    I’d love to show you how you can turn down the volume on your self-doubt, and TURN UP the volume on your self-belief.

  • >> Let’s make sure this is absolutely perfect for you, shall we?

    Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about ROARRR with Confidence.

    Q: How do I know if this is right for me?

    A: This is for you if you want to feel good in your own body. You are ready to do the inner work that is required to improve your confidence and body image because you know that when you take care of your 'inside', the outside works itself out.

    Q: Will this even work for me?

    A: If you're willing to do the work, it will. I can't guarantee specific results, but my past clients are are out there, overjoyed and screaming from the rooftops! Click here to read the stories of past participants.

    Q: When does the program start?

    A: We start on December 14.

    Q: When are the group calls?

    A: Our weekly group calls will be live via Zoom. You will receive the exact dates and times in the first week of the program. I work with people all over the world! And if you miss one, it’s OK. You get access to every replay, ever.

    Q: How much access will I get to Julie?

    A: You will have the opportunity to chat with Julie on the group coaching calls and in the Facebook group, as well as in the 1:1 coaching call that you get as a bonus.

    Q: Should I work with Julie 1:1 instead?

    A: If You want! If you're not sure, then ROARRR is right. In short, you can get individualized and customized coaching. But if you're like me, you're skeptic to try anything new...because not much has worked in the past. That's why ROARRR with Confidence is such a game-changer: you get access to me (Julie!) at a steal of a price!

    Q: Are there refunds?

    A: No. I give you my all in the program, but ultimately the results depend on how much you are willing to implement.

    Q: What do I do if I have more questions?

    A: Let's chat! Below, you can book a call with me! I know this seems too good to be true, but trust me, you're too good to let this go. You're worth the work.

  • Still not sure? That's okay.

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