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Creating Fitness Goals to Stay Motivated

...and how to get your head on straight in the process

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If you’ve read my previous posts, you will know that I used to suffer from a BAD body image. If I’m completely honest – it still comes up for me every now and then… especially when I’ve been on vacation, eating like I’m going to the chair!

One of the things I’ve done over the years to keep me on track – other than hanging on to 1 pair of super tight jeans – is to set fitness goals for myself. These can be various things; I did a breast cancer walk that was 36 miles in 3 days, so there was some training to do for that… I also ran a marathon in 2001, the year after my dad passed away. The marathon had multiple roles – it was something to focus on to get over the loss of my father as well as whipping me into pretty good shape over the 10-11 months I trained for it. I immersed myself in a strong yoga practice after that for a few years (also a form of meditation that helped me get clear on some decisions/changes in my life)… I became a Pilates instructor in 2004 (the year I left my husband) again, good for both my head and physique. There’s definitely a pattern here for me – working out and getting my head on straight definitely go hand in hand.

Now that I’m focusing on growing my coaching business – there are a lot of things I need to work out in my head. So I’ve been feeling restless lately wanting to already be 5 years down the road when I can’t be. I’ve felt this way before – and that’s why I know it’s time to find a new fitness goal to tame my busy mind and the only way I’ve ever successfully done that is by creating a fitness goal that is going to really challenge me.

I’ve been pretty fit for many years now – not like 6% body fat fit – but I’m within 15-20 pounds of my highschool graduation weight so I feel it’s safe to say this. I eat healthy and go to the gym regularly Monday – Thursday with Fridays off and I’ll do something one or both days on the weekends (ie. Bike ride / yoga / hike). At my gym, I’ve become friends with a gal that is 10 years younger than me – and I’ve been watching her workout with her trainer and she’s getting really really fit. I asked her what she was working towards and she told me she’s entering a BIKINI BODY contest in a few months. You may or may not be familiar with what this is (I wasn’t…) but we all know what a female body builder looks like – right? Well, that’s NOT IT – yay! Come on, I don’t want to look like Lou Ferrigno with boobs… :) There’s actually 3 levels: Body Building / Figure / Bikini. Figure is in between Body Builder and Bikini – so still pretty muscular – but Bikini is just super duper fit, cut, low body fat, yada yada ya. In other words – it’s pretty gnarly.

I asked my gym buddy if “old ladies” could compete – she said “of course!” – and I thanked her for agreeing that I was an old lady! :) I started doing some research into it and I’ve found that there are women involved in this at just about every age! I love learning about something that I know nothing about! So, now that I’ve learned a little bit – I’M GOING TO DO IT – and yes, it’s in 3 months!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! If you want to follow along, check out the progress pics on FB – under Blissfully Balanced Lives. I plan on posting progress pics there and on Instagram. I’m thinking I may be able to inspire other 50 year olds – or any age person that you can do whatever you want if you just set your mind to it. I’m not gonna lie – I’m nervous about it and excited at the same time, that’s how I know it’s RIGHT.