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Relax, Imagine, Give Thanks

Breaking down the manifestation process...

Julie here again! ….. Yep, I’m back as promised for some more manifestation information and conversation for your contemplation on transformation….LOL getting a little carried away with my “ations” today…. Talking about this stuff makes me happy and gets me excited so hang on, here we go!

Today I’m going to share about my take on the whole manifestation process, how it works for me and how it can work for you too. Keep in mind that the Universe is made up of energy, and everything in it is vibrating at a certain frequency…. which is why manifesting works in the first place. Everything that you can see around you right now was once just a THOUGHT or an IDEA that someone had. Until they turned it into a reality by creating it… with a little (or a lot) help from the Universe that is!

So, here is the process I personally follow when it comes to manifesting!


1. Relax… Now, what’s your VISION for you? What do you want to attract into your life? How do you want to FEEL? Believe it IS possible. Connect to the Energy of the Vision.

Relax? YES… Relax first… settle in somewhere for 10-15 minutes, in a quiet place, undisturbed, close your eyes and imagine… What do you want for YOU? What is it that you’ve dreamed of having, being, doing or achieving? It can be anything. Remember, you must BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE. This is key. If you’re asking for something that you feel, deep down is out of reach or impossible - then it’s not going to happen. Open up your mind to possibility. Take your time formulating your vision, painting the picture with your mind of what it is that you desire. Don’t hold back either… go for details and be specific.

Really feel into the energy of what you’re imagining, feel it in your whole body. I like to have my journal nearby so I can write down all the juicy ideas and details that I imagine so that I don’t forget! Plus having your vision written down has added benefits: It makes it easier to get clear on what you want because you have to be focused when you’re handwriting (or typing - your choice); and it’s fun to reflect back on what you’ve created down the road (hello, I’m a helluva creator!).

2. Ask the Universe for it. I ask because I know THAT IS THE KEY to receiving. Be specific, ask for what you want like you’re ordering from a menu of awesomeness.

Now that you have a clear vision of what you desire, ask for it. I prefer to ask the Universe - but you may prefer to ask God, or any other higher power you identify and connect with the most… it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you ASK. We miss out when we don’t tap into the limitless power available to us all! Asking is the key to receiving. I will have my notes in front of me and I will speak my request out loud. It’s super powerful for you to do this - it adds strength to your request (speaking it into reality) AND there’s something magical about hearing your own voice say what you want! (Eeek! chills!!)

Just like ordering your favorite deli sandwich - be sure to mention all the specifics...May as well provide all the yummie details so there’s no doubt as to what you want. I always say what I want then I finish my request with - “This, or something better”. I want to give the Universe an opportunity to provide me with something better - because sometimes what the Universe has served up is WAY better than anything I could’ve imagined!

3. Claim your vision with confidence. Act as if it’s already yours. Create a statement of gratitude and attraction. “I am so happy and grateful now that I am_____” Express gratitude for it NOW. FEEL IT in every cell of your body. Become the magnet. This is the MOST important part! (and it’s SUPER FUN TO DO)

By now, you’re fully immersed in your vision, you’ve written down the details and you’ve been feeling it in your body. Now take it one step further and imagine it’s already done - it’s yours - you’ve achieved it - you have it - you’re THERE! How does it feel? Amazing? Exciting? Awesome? I’m talking about really going there in your mind (we are all imagination masters!!) and feeling it. At this stage in the process, I’m almost ALWAYS crying tears of joy! I’m smiling so big my cheeks hurt! GET INTO IT. After all, this is really the best part of the process because you get to bask in the feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, elation and joy. Thinking, feeling and imagining your desires raises your vibration BIG TIME. When you do this, you become a vibrational match for what you desire - and remember, like attracts like! Stay there and enjoy it for several minutes as you continue to feel as if you’ve already got what you want.

Now, create a statement or two of gratitude. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Be thankful for it now. Express gratitude for your desires now. The Universe responds to gratitude. A good way to craft a statement is to say, “I am so happy and grateful now that I am (or have) ___________”. Be sure to say it in the present tense and keep it positive, after all - it’s happening in your imagination NOW, so you can speak to it as such. I find being grateful to be super easy at this point because I’m already in such a wonderful emotional state of happiness, and gratitude is a natural feeling that goes along with all the other goodness I’m feeling.

4. Trust the process. Trust that your request has been heard and will be taken care of. Let it go now. No need to think about the how, when, or where… just trust it’s on its way to you.

The next step requires you to let go of your vision. Relax and take 2-3 long, deep cleansing breaths to bring yourself and your mind back to stillness. Wipe the slate of your mind clean,let go of your imagination and just BE. You are signalling to the Universe that you are surrendering your vision, your request and that you TRUST your request has been heard. No need to hang on to the desire now - trust the process. You’ve done your part in deciding what you want - it’s not your job to figure out HOW it will come, just believe it’s on its way into your life.

That’s it - that’s my version of the manifestation process. :)

Now, it’s important to mention a few things at this point because I have heard too many people tell me that this doesn’t work for them. So I must inject some common sense into this equation. If, for example you desire to get healthy and fit and you create an elaborate vision for yourself - but take NO ACTION towards what you desire - then you are not going to create what you want.

Say what? Julie - I thought I just had to dream it up and it just happens?

To that I say, Yes AND No. Again, you have to remember the energy of things… That Law of Attraction is powerful. If you truly desire health, yet you continue to do all you can NOT TO be healthy, then you’re not in alignment with what you claim to want in your life. And, the Universe notices that because you’re not a vibrational match for what you desire through your thoughts and actions. Meaning, you’re sending the wrong signals through your thoughts and behaviors. You must ACT AS IF you already have what you desire.

How do you do that? Well, for the example above of wanting to be healthy and fit - ask yourself a few questions:

If I were the healthiest and most fit version of me NOW:

  • What would I be eating?

  • What would I be drinking?

  • What movement would I do regularly?

  • How would I walk?

  • How would I talk?

  • How would I FEEL?

See where I’m going with all of this? Manifestation is real but you have to do your part too. Take steps each day in the direction of your dream and the Universe will provide you with shortcuts to get there faster.

Now after all I’ve shared - how do you feel about manifesting change in your life? Did this information help? Is there any part of it that doesn’t ring true for you? I would LOVE to help you change your mindset around what is possible for you in your life.

Let me know your thoughts - as you can see - I can talk about this stuff ALL.DAY.LONG.

Much love to you - Manifesting Kings & Queens!!!