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The importance of re-writing our sad stories

We all have stories from the past that aren’t good.

Where we feel we were stupid, foolish, blind, used, mistreated…

And everytime we think of them or something reminds us of that time in our lives - we go right back into all the thoughts / feelings - just like it’s happening all over again.

It’s so important to RE-FRAME our stories and rewrite them into something that feels empowering to us.

Glass half empty or half full = both are perceptions / interpretations

We can reinterpret those past events.

My story for example, instead of feeling sad over a failed marriage I can see it as I got to fall in love, and spend several years having fun but then we just grew apart.

All the blaming / complaining just feels shitty so I let it go and focus on the parts that make me feel good about that time in my life… rather than “wasted time” - it was a learning, an awakening, and a growth opportunity.

And if I’m honest - it wasn’t all bad.

But we tend to focus JUST on the bad parts, and that drags us down into feeling bad about choosing that relationship in the first place.

  • Look for the good
  • Look for the learning
  • Look at how far you’ve come
  • And FEEL into that

That’s where to put your attention and energy, and THAT will keep you vibrating high, feeling good, being healthy and attracting what you DO want in your life now.

This is an assignment I give to my clients… to rewrite their stories, so that when they talk about their past - they are speaking powerfully about themselves.

And remember, YOUR voice is the most powerful voice you can hear.