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The Meaning We Assign is Everything!

We’re 9 days into the new year folks…

What are your resolutions?

What are your goals for the year?

Wait - I’m just kidding - don’t answer those questions.

But, isn’t that the buzz these days in general?

There’s the pressure to end the year strong, review the year, and of course make a plan to be better than last year, and make this year the best yet!

AHHHHHH! It’s a lot.

But if I’m honest, I’ve been feeling a little tired and drained these days…and December was exhausting.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m all for achieving goals.

But I also recognize when I need a break, or to take things a little slower.

In fact, I’ve decided I’m not going to pressure myself to kickstart the new year in my business for a few more weeks.

I also know what matters most of all:

The MEANING I assign to me needing a break, taking it slower and taking a few more weeks to get 2023 started for my business.

I can make it mean that I’m wasting valuable time - and then I’ll feel unproductive, lazy

I can make it mean that I’m falling behind - and then I’ll feel anxious and worried

I can even make it mean that I’m just not cut out for the entrepreneur life - and then I’ll feel like a failure

But, if I make it mean that I’m actually listening to my body, tapping into my intuition so that I can show up as the best me for my clients - then I feel smart, responsible, confident, and an inspiration like the wise business woman that I know I can be.

And all of that FEELS so much better to think of about myself.

You see, the MEANING we assign to things in life is everything.

How you interpret life drives everything from your thoughts, feelings, energy, attitude, behavior, actions and results… and the results also include your physical health and well being.

It’s your perception, how you see things. And it’s all tied to what you believe.

But here’s the thing though…everything in life is actually “neutral”

It’s only when we assign meaning to things that we “feel” a certain way.

Good or bad, happy or sad, a success or a failure.

The meaning we assign comes from our past experiences that have shaped what we think and believe about the world and ourselves.

You see, your brain has a mechanism in it:

Its job is to access what you’ve grown to believe about yourself and the world; what goals you feel you’re capable of or not, and to make sure that whatever is programmed into your subconscious is fulfilled, and what is NOT programmed is blocked out.

For example: I have a good friend Erika who is newly single / recently divorced. It’s been over a year now that she’s been dating, and open to meeting a new partner. Whenever we talk, she tells me how there’s no good men anymore. They’re all taken or too old or too fat or too short or too something and not right for her. (I usually get a story or two about some nightmare dates she’s gone on as well).

The problem is: Erica believes there are no good men. She picked up this belief from past experiences with men in her life and because she believes this, she literally can’t see a good man that’s right in front of her… (that’s how our brains work) her subconscious mind won’t allow her to see him, or rather it blocks that “information” from being “seen” because it goes against her programmed belief. That’s how powerful the subconscious is!

What are beliefs anyways? They’re just persistent thoughts that turn into decisions we’ve made over time about life, the world and ourselves.

And you can make a new decision anytime.

But, where do you start to uncover the beliefs, stories and decisions that are keeping you stuck and block you from achieving all that you want in life?

You start right here, right where you are… Just look around your life:

What are you unhappy with?

What are you disappointed about?

Where do you feel lost?

Where do you feel defeated?

Or trapped?

Or hopeless?

Or bored, irritated, or angry?

These are the places where your negative stories and beliefs live.

The way you feel is the roadmap to your limiting beliefs and decisions.

This is where you’ll find your ongoing loop of thoughts and feelings that keep playing on repeat - that inner voice, creating the identity of YOU and the LIFE you currently experience.

I’d like to invite you to get curious about what beliefs you hold, what decisions you could question and what stories you tell yourself that could use a re-write.

What if this year you made some new decisions, decisions about you that empower you?

What if you decided right now that making mistakes means you’re always learning and growing?

What if you decided that you’re not behind, but you’re READY NOW?

I’d love to challenge you to become aware of the meaning you are assigning to events, circumstances and the world - and notice how those meanings make you feel.

If the meaning doesn’t make you feel good about yourself,


The more you can get into the habit of interpreting your life through the lens of self-love and acceptance, one that sees you winning, growing, changing and loving life - then this year WILL BE the best year yet.