• Hey you... I'm Julie

    and I'm an Immersive Meditation Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist.

    I help my clients make changes effortlessly by guiding them into full relaxation so they can

    access their subconscious and shift their core beliefs that hold them back.

    Through this practice, they connect with their Inner Self and the ultimate source of truth, love, wisdom and strength. This deep soul connection cultivates peace, calm and confidence in their lives. 

    If you’ve ever looked around your life and thought, “Is this all there is?”

    Well, I’m that woman who will tap you on the shoulder, turn you around

    and politely but firmly say, “HELL NO !”


    I'll help you change the way you look at yourself and the world so

    you can stop worrying about what everybody else thinks and

    finally focus on YOU and what’s possible for you right now.


    I’ll help you understand why it's essential to PRIORITIZE YOU.


    I'll help you access your inner STRENGTH like never before. 


    I’ll help you realize that you are more than WORTH it.


    I’ll help you learn to TRUST in yourself like never before.


    I’ll help you gain back your CONFIDENCE.


    THERE IS SO MUCH MORE available to you.



    You will fully embrace the rest of your life with

    ease, optimism and strength because

    you've learned to access a greater part of YOU.




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