• Hey you... I'm Julie

    I’m a Self Expansion Guide and self-proclaimed FEEL GOOD JUNKIE.

    I go after feeling good in all areas of life: mind, body and spirit.

    By making “feeling good” my north star, I’m confidently

    cruising through my 50’s with energy, vitality and strength….

    And I want all that for YOU TOO.


    If you’ve ever looked around your life and thought, “Is this all there is?”

    Well, I’m that woman who will tap you on the shoulder, turn you around

    and politely but firmly say, “HELL NO SISTER! HELL NO!”


    I'll help you change the way you look at yourself and your life so

    you can stop worrying about what everybody else thinks and look

    FORWARD to what’s possible for YOU right now and for years to come.


    I’ll help you learn that it’s not only okay to prioritize YOU, but it’s essential.


    I'll help you open up to what IS possible for you.


    I'll help you access your personal power like never before. 


    I’ll help you realize that YOU are more than worth it.


    I’ll help you learn to TRUST in yourself like never before.


    I’ll help you gain back your confidence in all that is YOU.


    Then you’ll see THERE IS SO MUCH MORE available to you.


    You can confidently embrace the rest of

    your life with ease, optimism and strength.


    Become a Woman of Possibility, Power and Purpose.


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