• THE BOOK: "This Time It's About YOU!"

    A Journey from "No I Can't" to "Yes I Can!"

    "Read this book and awaken the Ageless Goddess within you! Claim your power, claim your worth, and get busy living a life true to you. You will realize that you can be, do and achieve literally anything you want no matter what age you are. It's never too late, so buckle up and enjoy this age defying ride. Happiness, laughter, fulfillment, sexiness, joy, and infinite possibilities await you! "

    - Morgan Field, Intuitive Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, TEDx Talk - Power is an Inside Job, and best selling author of 6 time award winning book Epic Sexy You: No Limits. No Rules.

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    - You look at your life and wonder, when did I give up on me?

    - You feel like you've lost yourself in your life, relationships, kids, etc.

    - You've been a people-pleaser for decades.

    - You've spent your life wanting everyone to like you.

    - You're saying yes when you really want to say no.

    - You spend your time taking care of others at the expense of yourself.

    - You sacrifice your time and energy for others, and there's nothing left for you.

    - You don't recognize yourself when you look in the mirror.

    - You're compromising to keep the peace and not appear demanding.

    - You tolerate a whole lot of things that you don’t agree with.


    AND the most shocking discovery of all:

    You're not even aware of it because It's just what you've done for years.

    Now you're thinking, "Well, I guess it's just who I am."


    I'm here to tell you it isn't who you are, and YOU CAN CHANGE!


    I found a way through it and I've shared it in this book:

    - I learned that its more important that I like me, than if others do.

    - I learned to say “no” in a loving way, without feeling guilty.

    - I learned to give myself permission to want the things I want and ask for them.

    - I learned to put myself first and not feel bad about it.

    - I learned to embrace my age and the wisdom that comes with it.

    - I learned that I can be healthier than I've ever been in my 50's.

    - I learned to respectfully let go of relationships that no longer served me.

    - I learned to truly forgive myself and others.

    - I learned to follow my joy and discover what truly lights me up.


    There’s a way through for you too my dear…

    …to move into the new you with grace, dignity, strength and confidence.




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    "I recommend this book to any woman who has ever dimmed her light for fear of not being...ENOUGH. The process may not be pretty - it takes courage to shed light on the fears and limiting beliefs governing your life... most of them are running it without you even knowing it. But when you shine the light and get a good look at them, they run away like cockroaches! They are lurking in the shadows of unexplored beliefs and decisions you have made about yourself and your life. These beliefs and decisions are exactly what holds you back! They are munching away at the deliciousness of your life, that is supposed to be yours to taste. Ready to be transformed? Ready to taste the deliciousness of being alive - at any age? Roll up your sleeves, put the reading glasses on and get ready for some inner work and clean up. It takes courage to face the "inner roaches" but the deliciousness you'll get as a result is so worth it!"

    Lucie Tesarova, Business Consultant and Coach at Consult for Success

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  • It's About A Mission

    I want to start a movement.....

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    Julie Scott

    Self-Expansion Guide

    I want mature women to have excitement and adventure back in their lives. I want them to glow from the inside out with new health and vitality that fuels their pursuit of whatever they desire. I want them to feel full of possibility and discover what really lights them up. I want them to feel vibrant and sexy at any age and believe that they are more than enough. I want them to be an inspiration to other women in their lives, from their friends and co-workers to their sisters and daughters. I want to start a movement – where we embrace the privilege of age and all the wisdom and confidence that comes with it.