• Create an exciting new vision for your life by reconnecting with your mind, body and spirit through movement!

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    Get started with a new routine that encompasses mindset and workouts you can easily do at home and:

    • Create a powerful WHY you are doing this.
    • Develop a better mindset around fitness.
    • Discover a new, more effective way to workout.
    • Become more consistent with your workouts.
    • Gain confidence in yourself and your body.
    • Discover creative ways to stay interested in exercise. 
    • Set smart goals for yourself.
    • Enjoy better focus and clarity of mind.
    • Feel accomplished and strong in your body.

    Something for the Mind, Body and Spirit!

  • Hi, I'm Julie Scott, Life Coach, Author, Speaker and founder of It’s About Time Baby! Coaching.


    Years ago, I heard someone say, “If you workout, things work out”, and it made so much sense to me that I never forgot it.


    My goal is to help you feel good, be healthy and happy. You see, I call myself a "Feel Good Junkie" because that's my compass in life... I do what makes me feel good and as a result I have found a balance in life.


    I have helped many women "feel good" too by re-connecting with themselves on all levels: mind, body and spirit. I've found that movement combined with the right mindset is the best way to jump-start this re-connection.


    And when it comes to feeling good about yourself, it starts with feeling good in your own body.


    This e-book gives you a few simple workouts that you can do at home and a few mindset hacks to help you increase your will power and get consistent with this new routine.

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