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Holiday Habits & Loving Yourself

Welp, it’s December…I was out shopping ‘in person’ the other day (I say that because I’ve been buying so much online these days) and noticed there is a HUGE section in Target just dedicated to sweets! Has this always been the case? It was crazy big, full of every kind of candy (every brand has a Holiday version), there’s chocolates, candy canes, marshmallows, cookies, cakes, fruit cake (who eats this?), fudge - it was overwhelming. It was cleverly positioned / mixed in with the Christmas decorations so if you were looking for tree trimmings, why not buy some candy canes while you’re there?

It made me think of how easy it is to just grab a few sweets while you’re picking up new lights for your tree. How retailers know to position these items in such a way that we mindlessly grab a box of chocolate covered cherries (which I did) near the check out stand. Or how we generally associate the holidays with candy and sweets. And how it sets us up to over indulge so we can gain those extra pounds that we will ultimately feel bad about then fight to lose them in January and beyond again and again.

It’s just a habit we’re in, the holidays trigger our stuff-your-face-with-cookies-and-candy behaviors. Before I got a handle on my own mindset and what I believed about myself, I would start eating candy in October with Halloween as my excuse and carry right on through New Years thinking “why not?”. I’ll worry about the damage I’ve done in the New Year.

I had all sorts of reasons that I used to justify my behavior. <<

They ranged from “I’m just getting into the spirit of the season” and “I’m only going to have a few tiny Snickers” to “What the hell, I may as well finish them off”. Along with that line of thinking, I would stop listening to the messages my body was sending me (stomach aches, low energy and poor sleep) and carry on… but deep down I felt defeated, like a failure as I would beat myself up every time I would see the huge pile of candy wrappers sitting on the coffee table - not realizing I had mindlessly eaten so many!

Now don’t get me wrong, I still partake in the holiday goodies like the box of chocolate covered cherries I mentioned earlier. I’ll even accept a tin of homemade cookies from my mom every year. Staying on track with my health and fitness through the holidays for me means I don’t have to deny myself or deprive myself because I know the work I’ve done in accepting and loving my body has changed me:

  • I know I’m connected to my body and I pay attention to what it needs
  • I’m no longer worried about gaining weight
  • I trust myself enough to know that I won’t over indulge
  • I know that I will continue to eat healthy and exercise all year round
  • I love, value and honor myself and my body
  • I know my desire to feel good in all areas of my life will keep me grounded

So, when January rolls around I’m still on my path, still honoring myself, still honoring my body intuitively giving it what it needs because I’ve learned how to listen to my inner voice. And you can do that too.

>>Close your eyes… paint a picture in your mind and think of the possibilities...<<

  • Imagine eating to nourish yourself…and never dieting again.
  • Imagine being consistent and healthy in your exercise and not doing it to burn calories or punish yourself.
  • Imagine taking care of your body and recognizing it’s your vehicle for life
  • Imagine embracing your body, no longer “wishing it away”
  • Imagine caring for yourself with love and self compassion
  • Imagine feeding your soul daily KNOWING that it’s just as essential and important as feeding your body with food and exercise.

All this is possible for you - I know it is because I’ve made these changes and this is how I live my life. If I can do it, you can too. You can get crystal clear on your priorities in life. You can powerfully take 100% responsibility for your body and your life and realize you have the power to change whatever you want. You can think powerful, positive thoughts that keep you feeling optimistic rather than hopeless.

You can learn to keep the promises you make to yourself, building the much needed trust and confidence that you can get a handle on your health once and for all.

To live your life in ease and flow, connected to your body and honoring it every step of the way.<<

Next year can be your year to make this happen. 2021 can be the year that you look back on next December, thanking yourself for finally choosing to step up and take control of your weight, your health, your life. You just need a plan, some guidance and some loving support because changing beliefs, habits and behaviors you’ve had for years can be hard.... And you don’t have to do it alone. I am here, and this is what I love to do. Help women just like you...and like my past self!

Even if you’ve spent most of your life hating your body, being hard on yourself, struggling with overthinking and self-sabotage, or just suffering from insecurity and self-doubt.

I’ll teach you how to turn down the volume on your self-doubt and turn up the volume on your self-belief.

I’ll help you uncover the inner blocks that keep you “comfortably overweight”. I’ll help you identify the story you tell yourself that keeps you from truly getting healthy and fit. I’ll teach you to peel back the layers of excuses and reasons why you can’t do this - and transform it into a powerful vision of why you absolutely CAN do it. You’ll learn to trust yourself to release the weight and keep it off.

I’ll help you look at the loop of thoughts in our head that drive your behavior and you’ll be able to understand how your subconscious (that houses your beliefs) is keeping you stuck in an endless cycle of self-doubt, defeat and confusion.

You see, I struggled for years with my body image and that insecurity had me gain weight that I held onto for over 25 years. But I’ve figured out how to break free of the yo-yo diets that never really worked and embraced a new way of being, where I intuitively take care of my body - and in return, my body takes care of me. I know how to be healthy, fit and consistent without depriving myself, punishing myself or shaming myself. I believe the way I now live is possible for every woman. But she has to become confident that she can do it and that she’s deserving of it so she can become the healthy, happy and radiant woman she longs to be.

>>Borrow my belief in you until you gain your own.

You’re so worth it.<<