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These crazy times got me in a funk...

...this is how I pulled out of it

How’ve you been holding up over the past 3-4 months? It’s been a rollercoaster right?

I know I’ve had my ups and downs both emotionally and physically. You see, pre-Covid I had a serious routine that I was following, that I had developed over the past few years - a routine that made me feel good and started my day out in a powerful way!

Here’s what it looked like:

Wake @ 5:30am: Wash face, brush teeth, put on my workout outfit

5:45am Feed cats, refill water, scoop the litter box

6:00am Make my pre-workout Watermelon drink, take vitamins

6:10am Arrive at the gym (1 mile away!) Workout (abs, weights, cardio, stretch)

7:30am Arrive back home, make a protein shake

7:45am Meditate for 30-45 minutes

8:30am Shower and dress for my day working from home

9:00am WORK MODE

I never realized how important that morning routine was to my mindset for the day ahead until it was taken away from me… As a dedicated gym-rat, not being able to do what I normally do put a serious damper on my mood and the way my whole day flowed.

Although I knew I needed to find a “new” routine, frankly I was pissed off about all the change that was being forced on me. You know what I mean?

So, I stopped getting up as early and started sleeping in until 7 or later. I stopped taking my pre-workout drink because I used it for the extra energy I needed to do weights at the gym. That’s when I stopped taking my vitamins too. I also got into the habit of jumping onto the computer and burying my head in my work instead of working out or meditating. After I scooped the litter box - I was in work mode.

I found a new routine alright... one that didn’t make me “feel good” AT ALL.

For me, working out is KEY to me feeling good mentally, physically and emotionally and it has been for years. Without it, I become somebody else - a super bitchy somebody else that doesn’t like herself. So, when I caught myself looking at my body in the mirror and hearing those old tapes running in my head like, “You’re getting fat, look at the size of your butt…”, along with noticing how snippy and sarcastic I was being with my partner - I knew I had to do something to get out of the FUNK I was in!

So, I started going on a few hikes each week in the surrounding mountains. It’s pretty warm where I live here in the desert, so on the days it felt too hot to hike, I mixed in some swimming here and there. I pulled out my yoga mat and found a few online yoga classes to do.

Then I agreed to teach an online Pilates mat class (I’m a certified Pilates Instructor - did you know that?) a few times a week to further push myself and challenge my body. You know what’s really cool? I had forgotten how much I loved doing yoga and pilates! They are both restorative and challenging practices - which is why I fell in love with them all those years ago.

Thankfully, with each intentional change, each new workout (or old workout) I reintroduced into my days and weeks, I started to become myself again. It brought me back to my meditation practice too. My mindset was shifting back to gratitude and appreciating my body. I began to feel good about my reflection in the mirror again and seeing that although my body wasn’t in the same shape as it was when I was lifting weights regularly at the gym (or bikini competitions!) - it was changing and responding in positive ways to the movements I was giving it. I could hear my voice in my head saying: I am strong, healthy and fit and I FEEL GOOD again.

I share this with you all because I want you to know I too struggle with my mindset. I’m not always in the perfect place in my head or in my body. But, I know that if I just keep going - focused on doing whatever I need to do to feel good in my body - that keeps me headed down the right track. I know that eating healthy food and moving my body keeps me feeling calm, peaceful and content in life - no matter what is going on around me in this crazy world!

If you’re reading this and thinking, oh wow Julie - I’m really feeling this… I’m in a funk too! I hear you! I know what you’re feeling!! Hear me when I say this - you CAN change how you’re feeling.

I’m finding that the best physical activity doesn’t need to take place in a gym. We enjoy movement most when we’re doing something we love doing. It’s even better when we can make it a part of our normal lives... everyday movements like walking and running around, jogging up and down stairs, and playing with family, friends and our pets!

When you think about it, movement and activity isn’t really anything special - it’s just part of living your life.

There are some simple things you can do that will help if you too are feeling in a funk emotionally and physically!

  • Try adding some movement into your day.

  • Try something you’ve never tried - or go back to something you used to love doing.

  • Go online and get inspired by workout routines on YouTube or Pinterest

  • Turn on some of your favorite music and work up a sweat dancing while making dinner or cleaning the house.

  • Play with your kids, your grandkids, or your pets.

  • Push yourself just to see how many squats or pushups you can do. See how long you can hold a plank just for kicks.

GET CREATIVE and you may be surprised at what you can do and how much better you feel each day as a result. It also helps to have a powerful reason or WHY you want to do it.

My life mantra is: “I want to feel as good as I can for as LONG as I can.” So, that drives my habits and behaviors. Oh and I also say - “I exercise and stretch my body so I can always pull my own pants up!!!” #goals

It might help for you to create your own mantra as well! Let me know what you come up with or how adding movement to your day helps you out of your funk!

Much love to you.