• Learn how to Feel Good

    in every aspect of your life

    by becoming a

    Feel Good Junkie!



    Would you want that? Can you believe it's possible?

  • Hey sister, are you ready to REALLY feel good?

    >>Learn how to achieve this using my ROARRR Method for life...It will turn you into a

    Feel Good Junkie too!<<


    What is a feel Good Junkie? It is someone who considers “feeling good” their compass in life. It's their North Star. Someone who goes after feeling good in their mind, their body, and their spirit. This is how I live my life. I'm Julie Scott, life coach, author, speaker and lover of cats.


    Since I believe all women should be able to live their lives like this, I have created The Feel Good Junkie Group Coaching program, a 12-week program that takes you on an empowering, transformational journey to create a new vision for your life, and a new way of being that encompasses what you believe about yourself, the way you think about yourself and the way you look at food and exercise combined with a focus on powerfully manifesting what you truly want. Basically everything that makes you feel good in life!

    >>Do you feel like your whole life has been an uphill battle?

    A constant climb to find something that makes you feel good, peaceful, content, empowered and alive yet you never ever quite reach the top?


    Are you that woman who constantly gives herself to others, who has been last on your list for sooo long, the idea of putting yourself first seems so out of reach it's impossible?


    Are you constantly seeking yet another self-development program, trying the newest fad diet or fancy health regimes, battling to establish a consistent workout and diet routine - yet getting nowhere?


    Are you exhausted and burnt out, so drained from your "give, give, give" nature that you're too tired to even think about doing something that focuses solely on you?


    Are you nodding your head resonating with these questions as you read them feeling that inner sadness and frustration AGAIN?

  • >>Listen, I’ve been in your shoes.

    I understand that sinking feeling, and that frustration. Once upon a time, I lived my life for everyone else. Stuck in a rut, pleasing others, doing whatever I needed to do to get from one day to the next.


    Nothing was wrong with my life in theory. I didn’t have a traumatic past, life was seemingly going pretty well; I finished high school, went to college, got a job, got married, bought a house... I did everything I was supposed to do.


    Yet, that’s where the problem was. I wasn’t consciously choosing what was going on in my own life. I did everything that was expected of me and nothing that made me feel good....and I didn't even know it. I WAS LOST.

    I remember thinking, "How the hell did I get here?" and "Is this all there is for me?" I realized then and there that I had been playing a part... I was pretending to be happy. I realized that my life wasn’t going to change unless I changed it. I needed to change my thoughts, my habits, and my beliefs so I could address ALL areas of my health; mindset, food, exercise, sleep, relationships, spirituality, and mostly - how I felt about myself.


    I needed to learn how to feel good and it was 100% up to ME. With a lot of soul searching and inner work, I did. I’m now what I call a Feel Good Junkie. The good news is that you can be one too!

  • >>How to Get There

    What if you could FEEL good mentally, physically, and emotionally all at the same time - if that was your “normal”? Would you WANT that? Can you believe that it is even possible? I promise it is!


    I’ve worked with so many women that thought the same...once upon a time. Until they realized, they had the power to change their lives. They just needed a little guidance.


    So, what is this program that can transform you into a Feel Good Junkie and actually transform your life?


    It’s a strong, supportive, empowering community of like-minded women who are sharing their stories, obstacles, and wins together in a transformational experience, with me as their personal cheerleader and guide.


    Women like Ginny, who created a new story for herself because of this program. “When you change the story, you look for different things. When you like who you see and who you are, other people are off the hook. They don’t need to validate you because you validate yourself.” >>Ginny's story can be found here.<<


    The Feel Good Junkies program offers you:

    • Accountability
    • Sisterhood 
    • Connection
    • Support
    • Motivation
    • Inspiration
    • Belonging
    • A safe space for you to explore your inner self

    This powerful setting will allow you to uncover patterns that keep you stuck, identify limiting beliefs that hold you back and more. The program will inspire you to establish new routines and healthy new habits that get you back into the flow of life so you can truly feel good, inside and out. This is not just another weight loss and fitness program...it's far from it. The Feel Good Junkies program incorporates your physical, mental and emotional health, factoring in what your soul, body, and mind needs for true lasting change.


    It helps you to:

    • Create an exciting vision for yourself
    • Create a powerful WHY you are doing this
    • Set smart goals for all areas of your life
    • Release weight holistically
    • Establish better focus and clarity of mind
    • Increase water intake/hydration
    • Establish food awareness, healthier relationship with food
    • Identifying emotional eating triggers
    • Increase movement, exercise
    • Create new habits that ground you
    • Get in touch with your inner self
    • Learn to trust yourself
    • Realize of patterns that are keeping you stuck
    • See your value and the importance of putting yourself first
    • Increase confidence in yourself and all that you do

    Sure. You could try this on your own. But has that worked in the past without guidance?


    Sometimes we need help to learn how to cultivate, embrace and receive goodness back into our lives.

  • >>About Julie Scott

    Julie Scott is a life coach, speaker and author and the founder of It’s About Time Baby.


    Julie became a life coach in late 2015 after realizing that, in her personal life, she was the person that co-workers, friends, and family members were frequently coming to share their thoughts and struggles and ask for advice.


    Julie’s mission through her work is to help selfless women to radiate anew with Energy, Confidence, and Strength so they can finally do what they want, design a life they truly love, and feel good about it. She wants to help them glow from the inside out with new health and vitality, feel full of possibility and discover what really lights them up while feeling sexy, motivated, and believing that they are enough!


    She's written a book, part memoir, part self-help guide titled, "This Time It's About You - A Journey from No I Can't to Yes I Can!" published in 2019. Julie is passionate about helping women make themselves a priority in their own life. She's a motivational speaker inspiring women to reclaim their power at any age and change their lives for GOOD.


    Now, she’s the creator of the "Feel Good Junkies Program", designed to reach women on a bigger scale to improve their overall health and wellness. Julie has competed in two bikini competitions in her 50's and knows her wealth of knowledge and experience in health, fitness, and mindset, combined with the love, support, inspiration, and accountability of a group dynamic creates absolute PURE MAGIC.

  • >>What You’ll Gain

    So, are you wondering exactly how The Feel Good Junkies program creates such goodness in your life?


    Combining Mindset, Food, Exercise, and Manifestation, the program runs over 12 weeks, the end of which you will:

    • Make yourself a priority and feel good about it
    • Gain a new outlook on life
    • Create a healthier lifestyle
    • Increase your confidence
    • Increase your daily energy
    • Enjoy better, deeper sleep
    • Enjoy better moods and a positive outlook
    • Create a healthy relationship with food
    • Stop the mindless eating
    • Become more present in your life
    • Learn to love your body
    • Holistic weight RELEASE
    • Develop a deeper connection with your inner self
    • Get to know YOUR body and what works for it
    • Freedom from fear of weight gain in future
    • Enjoy movement, exercise again or for the first time
    • Set boundaries and honor them
    • Keep promises to yourself 
    • Feel empowered in your life
    • No more comparing to others
    • Trust yourself
    • Accept and appreciate yourself
    • Realize your value
    • Embracing and trust in your manifestation power
    • Identify and release limiting beliefs
    • Cultivate optimism in your life
    • Rewrite a powerful new story 

    As Kelly, participant in the last Feel Good Junkies program said,

    "Being a part of this group has changed me... I'm much more confident, I put myself out there more and I now believe I can build up my new business. I'm braver than I ever was. I am pushing myself to put feelers out to more and more people and believe that people want to hear from me!" >>To read more about her journey, visit her success story.<<


    You’ll learn lifelong lessons, release limiting beliefs, and establish new, healthy patterns and habits to ensure you can access feeling good, all of the time.