• Meet Ginny

    Group Coaching Program

    Transformation Story


    "When you like who you see and who you are, other people are off the hook. They don’t need to validate you because you validate yourself.”

  • "What I wanted out of this class was a commitment from me to me to reconnect with the parts of me that I left behind. I'm looking for the buried treasure of me. Because I know it's there. "


    Ginny has spent most of her life looking for self love, unsure of where to find it.


    Through journalling, meditation, and affirmations, Ginny found an internal peace she didn't expect.


    Ginny plans to continue on her self love and development journey, equipped with the tools to grow from the inside out.

  • Always a Difficult Path

    In her own words, Ginny LeBleu feels her life has been an uphill climb. For nearly 7 decades, she has sought exercises and therapies to better her life. She is not a stranger to trauma, and unfortunately, she carries that in all facets of her identity. For her to join the program was - seemingly - another tool to add to her toolbox of healing. Alongside her faith, she felt that she was enrolling in another therapeutic exercise that would get her further up the mountain.

    She didn’t expect at all to arrive at the apex of her mountain, looking peacefully at what’s ahead. This was hard work for her, but it was so worth it.

  • Assumptions and Truths

    In the program, Ginny assumed that she’d get weight loss tips, some exercises in self-development, and a few journal prompts. She says this program was so much more than she expected.


    Her growth in the program began slowly. Ginny admits that in the first three weeks of the program, she longed for direction. But she found that this encouraged her to actually build her own resolve. Julie was the guide, but Ginny was the tool. She found that as she became her own advocate, Ginny gained confidence in guiding her life to one of self-love. She spent each week delving into the exercises, challenging herself to come to the weekly meeting fully vulnerable.


    "You need to get it right on the inside, if you want to have it

    manifest on the outside."


    Ginny talks about a really impactful moment in the program that allowed her to tap into a part of her she hadn’t approached since she was a little girl. It was during a meditation in week 10 of the program that she was invited to go inward and see what was there. She went in and she saw her child self. She didn’t expect it, but she saw her young self, standing before her. The girl, stunted at the age of her first abuse, was scared and afraid. She had felt unseen, interrupted from growth, and she was stuck deep down within Ginny’s heart and soul.

  • In Her Own Words

    Ginny shares her story.

    Ginny shares...

    What happens when you love yourself first.



    Ginny became overwhelmed at seeing her younger self in her meditation. She hadn’t approached this little girl for so long. As a result of this, Ginny welcomed her younger self to the surface. She was able to tell her child-self, it’s okay. You’re okay. You are worthy and worth loving. It was a powerful and raw moment for Ginny and her feeling so safe in the program with Julie and her classmates was what empowered her to even get to this moment. From that moment onward Ginny said, “I realized I was my own life’s navigator and that I have the power.”


    "It's okay. You're okay. You are worthy and worth loving."


    Ginny reports that she now actually hears compliments when they’re issued to her from friends, rather than fixating on the negative remarks. She sees “goodness, strength, and love” in herself. “Can it be daunting? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.” Most powerfully, Ginny says she got a new story for herself because of this program. “When you change the story, you look for different things. When you like who you see and who you are, other people are off the hook. They don’t need to validate you because you validate yourself.”

  • Manifesting the Program

    Ginny, as we mentioned above, had spent a lifetime trying to right the wrongs that were done to her as a child. She spent decades trying various remedies to foster self-love. As she was making progress, sporadic life events would always knock her back down. Her marriages’ ending, her brother’s chronic illness...there were many times that she was pushed off-track because of life’s circumstances.


    She admits, this happens to everyone. We all face strife and overcome it in our own way. But this particular time in our lives is very different than any of us could have predicted, with the arrival of a global pandemic, Ginny’s life was majorly shifted. Her brother contracted the virus, suffered an amputation, and then lost his life. His passing was such a blow to Ginny - she had spent the past several years with her brother as her best friend and confidant. He was the family member who was always there for her.


    Ginny felt the course manifested itself to her because of her heart's desire.


    When he passed, Ginny felt that she slid back down her mountain of growth. She’d lost her best friend. Her circumstances were so stacked against her, and she needed the exact right remedy to become herself again.

    This, naturally, was a tall feat ahead of Ginny. Not only was she responsible for her own happiness journey, but she was now majorly affected by her brother’s death. She asked her God for a solution, a therapy, and a tool to help her recover. Julie’s course was that tool.


    Ginny felt the course manifested itself to her out of need. Ginny couldn’t have done the self-recovery work without guidance. And today, Ginny still says: Julie was the guide, and Ginny was her own tool.

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