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    Meet Jamie

    Group Coaching Program

    Transformation Story


    Jamie went from silencing her own needs to being able to confidently speak her truth.



    “Once you change your perspective suddenly all the chapters are exciting again and you don't feel like you're stuck and then the same thing over and over again.”


    Jamie always put others' needs before her own, not showing up for herself or speaking up for what she needed to fulfill the different roles in her life, happily and confidently.


    Jamie realized that she is important enough to make time for herself, even if that means others may have to wait at times and that she is worth speaking up for.


    Now, Jamie speaks up for herself and knows that her voice is one worth hearing. Prioritizing herself makes her a more energetic and confident mama, wife and employee. She’s also created a stronger bond with her daughters, teaching and inspiring them to be confident women.

  • A Busy, Hectic Life

    “It was really trying to make sense of the goals that I had, and what the roadblocks were that were keeping me from them. Overall I wanted to feel more confident and happy”.


    Normally, Jamie goes through the motions of everyday life.


    She has 3 children, all still at home, all naturally needing attention. She works from home too, requiring discipline for her job that’s more than the 9-5. Beyond that, Jamie also has a tendency to “go with the flow”, doing what needs to be done to make sure everyone’s taken care of.


    While that seems like an easygoing quality, it actually stems from a place of fear. When she was young (and having a brother with special needs), she found out quickly that not having a voice - and going with the “flow” - made her more agreeable and loveable.


    Jamie didn’t have the confidence to believe that she would still be loved if she spoke up for what she wanted at times. She believed that her roles as a mother, wife, and employee meant she should stay silent, she was meant to be a giver and that was all.


    Jamie was constantly feeling guilty that she wanted more time for herself. She wasn’t sure how to balance that desire with her responsibilities and still make space for herself to grow but she knew that she needed to do something to start taking care of herself, not just everybody else.

  • “It speaks of Julie’s spirit that you can feel safe to do that with her”.

    Jamie knew Julie from a former workplace and from the first time she met her says it was like talking to a friend. She didn’t know what the program would look like exactly but she knew that because it was Julie, it would be worthwhile and something she enjoyed.


    For Jamie, the concept of having a women’s group where women came together to lift each other up was super appealing and powerful. Working from home meant it was easy to feel detached from others and she struggled with finding the confidence to share such intimate thoughts and feelings with close friends at times. The women in the program though all wanted the same kind of experience as her and the common goal helped give her the confidence to speak up and participate fully in the program.


    Julie, and Jamie’s classmates, insisted that Jamie show up and become her own advocate. She’d spent so long showing up for others, and this act of self-love was defiant from the way Jamie normally operates. As the program continued on, she found that she was excited to show up in this way; it was new to her and different from her roles as ‘mom’ and ‘worker.’


    In the weekly meetups, Jamie would come to the table with the intention of listening. She was going to listen to her cohorts, hear their struggles and support them. An old habit she’d often fallen into: taking care of others. But she found herself reflected in these women; she would openly admit that some of her classmates would say things that would directly mirror what Jamie was feeling and thinking inside.


    Additionally, the group offered her new perspectives and experiences from the people she usually turned to for advice.


    Near the end of the program, Julie invited an expert colleague to lead a meditative breathwork session. Jamie was new to breathwork - not completely, but a novice for sure - and she wasn’t sure it would work for her. By the end of the breathwork session, she was attuned to her body and mind in a new way.
    Jamie found this exercise to be so powerful. She had come to each meeting with an open heart - and of course, some mom-guilt and negative self-talk - and now she was receiving the truth: she’d pushed down her ability to have a voice.


    Julie helped her to realize goals she didn’t know she had, by offering guidance, yet allowing Jamie to come to her own conclusions and self-awareness.

  • “Your life is a story and you finally figure it out. You know the truth of the matter and you want to start rereading the story again.”

    Despite reservations about having the time to undertake a course that was purely focused on her needs, something that was very out of character for her, in the end, Jamie will say that she is elated she participated in the program.


    Now, Jamie deliberately makes time and space for herself and she’s awakened a beautiful aspect of herself by doing so. She’s also learned that the people in her life love her deeply and want to hear what she thinks and feels. In fact, speaking up and improving the communication within her relationships has helped Jamie to solidify and strengthen her bonds with the people in her life.


    She makes decisions much more confidently, with more clarity, feels more energetic, and has found the balance she felt she was missing.

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