• Meet Jamie

    Feel Good Junkies

    Transformation Story


    "Overall, I wanted to feel more confident and happy."

  • Jamie had to face her own feelings; she had to be intentional about the time she was carving out for herself.


    Jamie took care of others first: her kids, her husband, and her coworkers.


    The Feel Good Junkies course forced Jamie to set aside time for herself, at the very least, one hour a week.


    Jamie now sees herself as a voice to be heard, a person to admire, and a stellar momma to her family.

  • A Busy, Hectic Life

    When Jamie Frommoethelydo decided to sign up for the Feel Good Junkies course, she was navigating it much like we all would if our lives were too busy and hectic. To start out, she had to write an introductory blurb on where she was on in her weight loss and self-development journey. She admits that she sat down to write one or two sentences...and then subsequently wrote four pages. Needless to say, she’d been pushing away a lot of self-care, due to varying factors in her busy, hectic life.


    Those factors are things we all experience: a dedication to her job, ever-hoping to get that promotion. She had a serious case of “mom guilt” that caused her to feel guilty anytime she decided to give herself some time rather than give all her time to her 3 children. She even thought that joining the Feel Good Junkies program would be a hassle of a time commitment, even though it only required an hour per week of actually showing up to a certain space. She also admits that she liked that the program offered a sort of camaraderie:


    "I started the program because I like the idea of a women's group: women coming together to lift each other up."

  • Jamie was facing a 12-week course on self-care that she needed but wasn’t sure if she had the time to do. She admitted wanting to feel more energetic though, so she pushed forward and enrolled in the course.


    In the end, Jamie will say that she is elated she participated in the program. She had to face her own feelings, she had to be intentional about the time she was carving out for herself, and she quite literally found her voice. ​

  • From Mom Guilt to Fitting In Time for Herself

    Normally, Jamie goes through the motions of everyday life. She has 3 children, all still at home, all naturally needing attention. She works from home too, requiring a discipline to her job that’s more than the 9-5. Beyond that, Jamie also has a tendency to “go with the flow.” While that seems like an easygoing quality, it actually stems from a place of fear. When she was young, she found out quickly that not having a voice - and going with the “flow” - made her more agreeable and loveable.


    So, going into the Feel Good Junkies program - though much needed - was far from what Jamie was used to. She made time for others and not for herself. The program required her to face herself without any excuses; it required that she have a voice and that she use it for Jamie.


    Julie, and Jamie’s classmates, insisted that Jamie show up and become her own advocate. She’d spent so long showing up for others, and this act of self-love was defiant from the way Jamie normally operates. As the program continued on, she found that she was excited to show up in this way; it was new to her and different from her roles as ‘mom’ and ‘worker.’


    And in time, she left with a new awareness of self. She had hopes for the course, and those hopes were met and exceeded. Jamie said that:


    “Coming into an experience where the participants want the same thing as you is a different kind of experience than relying on friends in the everyday life to lift you up.”


    There’s instead a common goal amongst these women.

  • Her Mirrors

    In the weekly meetups, Jamie would come to the table with the intention of listening. She was going to listen to her cohorts, hear their struggles and support them. An old habit she’d often fallen into: taking care of others. But she found herself reflected in these women; she would openly admit that some of her classmates would say things that would directly mirror what Jamie was feeling and thinking inside.


    This proved something so monumental to Jamie: it’s actually quite healing and self-affirming to share of herself and her voice to others, because that creates a foundation of trust and connection. In sharing her opinions, making decisions aloud, and owning her voice, Jamie is able to empower herself through whatever trials she’s going through.


    And on the topic of sharing “wins” - Jamie was able to see a win midway through the program that she wouldn’t have normally seen before. One week, she had told herself she was going to work out five times. As each day passed, she didn’t get a workout in. This would’ve been really upsetting to Jamie before she joined the Feel Good Junkies program.


    What did actually happen though? On the first day she had some free time to work out, she spent that time braiding her daughter’s hair. That moment, that time of pure maternal love was a big win. Instead of focusing on the number on the scale when thinking about her wins, Jamie instead thought of what felt really good. And that moment was a feel-good moment.

  • A Pivotal Breakthrough

    Near the end of the program, Julie invited a expert colleague to lead a meditative breathwork session. Jamie was new to breathwork - not completely, but a novice for sure - and she wasn’t sure it would work for her. By the end of the breathwork session, she was attuned to her body and mind in a new way.


    Jamie found this exercise to be so powerful. She had come to each meeting with an open heart - and of course, some mom-guilt and negative self-talk - and now she was receiving the truth: she’d pushed down her ability to have a voice. She had sacrificed herself to make others feel loved.


    For so many years, Jamie had been taught that it was easiest to not speak up, to not have a voice, and let others decide what was going to happen when. But for the first time, she got to make those decisions. She allowed herself to have a voice, and now she’s awakened something beautiful. With each passing day, her new voice actually has helped her. She found that the people in her life love her deeply, and they want to know what she thinks. In gaining that voice, she’s been able to make decisions about herself and her family.

  • Ready to feel good from the inside out?

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