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    Meet Jules

    ROARRR with Confidence

    Transformation Story


    "My energy used to go to everyone else, now it's focused on me"

  • "I just felt like I didn't have respect for myself or confidence

    in myself."


    Jules prioritized other’s needs over her own, staying in relationships that didn’t make her feel happy, respected or confident.


    Jules realized her journey was about finding respect and love for herself before she could be happy with anyone else.


    Jules lives today for herself and herself alone. She has started saying yes to herself before she says yes to others, and she feels happy and free, embracing the things that bring her joy.

  • Always Giving of Herself

    Jules’ had a tendency to always give to others, even if it meant saying no to her own needs. Of course, this meant that she did everything in life to make others happy, particularly her partner of nearly 20 years. But, by doing so, her relationship became stressful as her unhappiness became evident in every aspect of her life. She realized her life had become too chaotic and she no longer was enjoying life. She had lost her spark, her relationship had become more of a friendship, void of passion and intimacy and she didn’t feel like she deserved anything more.


    Jules thought she didn’t feel honored or respected by others but she realized that in fact, she wasn’t respecting herself either. She joined the program thinking she’d do something for herself, thinking she’d like to get in better shape and lose some weight.


    She figured that might help her feel better about herself and therefore increase her self-confidence.


    But she had no idea that as she got deeper into the program, what she needed was something else; to embrace her true self and start putting herself first, so she could feel truly happy and confident in her life, even if that meant undertaking some big, scary changes.

  • Learning Through Self Awareness and Self Love

    “I just found Julie such an incredible, unique, amazing woman. It’s like okay what she has, we want. She just radiates, she's just golden, she's just this beautiful incredible woman, and confident. They call it JuJu because it comes from Julie Scott”.


    Jules joined the course believing she might find some self-love through weight loss. But as she started working with Julie and the other ladies in the group, the journey became more.


    Much like her classmates, for Jules, there was one particular exercise in the course that really impacted her. It was early on when the women in the course had to pull out their journals and write down their beliefs. They were challenged to go down 3-4 layers of truth below their beliefs to get to the CORE BELIEF. She questioned herself:


    All the people-pleasing she was always doing... Was that enjoyable? Was it something she did for validation? For acceptance? For love? Was it something she did for others rather than for herself? She found in that moment something so jarring: that so much of her everyday life was for others and not for herself.


    Seeing this on the journal pages was a huge message of truth. It was the first time Jules had taken an honest inventory of what was truly running her behavior and why she kept giving away all her power and energy.

    The group aspect was incredibly beneficial for Jules and she believes opening up to others really helped her start to take the steps to not change who she is, but become who she truly is, without insecurity, self-criticism or the need for external validation. She gives credit to the course and her group of women peers for the strength and resolve to do that.


    “All the girls, they are amazing women.”


    Jules realized that by applying the tools Julie was teaching them she could make herself feel whole, confident, and strong and that, while weight loss would come from that, there were other more impactful goals that emerged; like loving and appreciating herself.

  • “This is all about ME, what I'm working on. Every day is a new beginning."

    In Jules own words, “I’m not changing who I am, but becoming who I’ve always been”.


    Since the program has finished, , Jules has started to take the steps to embrace the empowered woman that she is:


    She has made changes within her relationship, creating a transition plan to fully move on to the next stage of her life as amicably as possible.


    She’s shed her last name that belonged to her ex-husband that she hadn’t changed yet as it was how everyone else knew her. She’s even legally changing her first name, a name she’s never liked, that she kept because her mother insisted.


    She’s started doing things for herself first. She just started dance lessons, after having taken a year-long break. She’s taking piano and singing lessons. She hikes. She golfs. She’s been painting and drawing.


    Taking these steps, to Jules, is a reflection of the self-awareness and self-love she has gained. They are a symbol of her welcoming her true self and she’s incredibly excited for what’s to come!

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