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    • The 3 Biggest Reasons why people doubt themselves

    • The ONE thing you need to do to Shift Your Mindset 

    • The 5 Key Habits of people with ROCK-SOLID Confidence

    • My 3 Step Guide to Gaining your Confidence

    • My Method for Manifesting Financial Abundance

    • Why feeling Worthy in your Body is the KEY to Releasing Weight

    • How to stop People-Pleasing so you can take action with Confidence

    • How to look after your Mind, Body and Spirit so you can Feel Good in every area of life

  • What Other People Have to Say...

    "Gaining body confidence is so much more than just a weight loss journey. You're dealing with those mental blocks too. I needed something radical, to wake me up. I needed something like this because I wasn't feeling like me. I've seen Julie's personal journey, and it's like, okay, she's been there; I can trust her versus other coaches."


    "Overall, I wanted to feel more confident and happy. I joined because I liked the idea of women coming together to lift each other up. I wanted an experience where the participants wanted to achieve the same thing as me. It's different than just relying on friends in the everyday life to lift you up. It's much more powerful and motivating, you actually do the work to make the changes."


    "What I needed was...to go after the mindset of taking care of myself and creating a space where I was a priority. I needed to learn that I was worthy and deserving. Julie helped me see that. One thing I really appreciated about the class was the openness to sharing our truths. I don't think women are very honest with each other (in real life) about what's actually happening in their lives."


  • This Masterclass is a must for you if:

    You've been struggling with your body image.

    • You'd be in a relationship but you're ashamed of your body.
    • You go up and down in weight and can't seem to "release" weight for good.


    You've been saying yes to everyone else, but yourself.

    • You put on a happy face, but deep down you want more.
    • You act like everything is fine as you do everything for everyone, and not much for you.

    You see others being succesful and wonder when it's going to be your turn .

    • You're constantly struggling to pay the bills and get ahead.
    • You stay at that dead end job because it's better than no job at all.
    • You're constantly comparing yourself to others that seem to "have it all" and while you feel your life is lacking so much.

    You've lost your motivation.

    • You stay in a loveless relationship because you may not find anyone else.
    • Your work is unfulfilling and it has been for years. 
    • You've stopped trying to lose weight and get in shape and have decided "it is what it is".

    You're afraid to speak up.

    • You still haven't talked to your boss about the promotion you were promised 6 months ago.
    • You don't talk to your partner about feeling disconnected in your relationship.

    Your self-doubt paralizes you.

    • You'd like to start that business but you keep talking yourself out of it.
    • You've told yourself "I can't do that" for so long, you don't even try new things.
  • I’ve packed so much into these 4 days,

    I can’t wait to share it with you and

    empower you to gain more confidence

    so you can Step Up, Show Up and

    Speak Up for YOURSELF.



  • Hi, I'm Julie Scott and here's my story...

    You see, I’ve found that my clients are typically like me, or rather me about 10 years ago. I have struggled with my body image (hello, self-criticism!), people-pleasing, over-giving, financial problems and fears, a failed marriage, as well as feeling like I’m old and running out of time. All of the areas in my life that I struggled with boiled down to a lack of self-confidence. But, as I learned to accept and trust myself, I was able to make changes in my life for the better. And guess what? I’m more confident now than I’ve ever been.


    Now I’ve made it my mission to help women feel secure in their bodies, worthy in their relationships, and financially abundant so they too can confidently and courageously walk through life. I’ll be sharing all the things I’ve discovered around gaining confidence. Because truly, CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING. Think about it... Is there anything better than feeling truly confident?


    I call myself a Feel Good Junkie, because I go after good-feeling food in all areas of my life: mind, body, and spirit. The cornerstone of feeling good in life is having the confidence that I’m worthy and deserving of all that I desire… AND SO ARE YOU.


    I’d love to show you how you can turn down the volume on your self-doubt, and TURN UP the volume on your self-belief.

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