• Conscious Freedom Connection Program Graduates!

    Success Stories of Women Who Took Hold of Their Lives


    Real stories of transformation from women who started with

    fear and ended with confidence.

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    The non-profit leader who finds value in her work found value within.

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    The lifelong learner, finally opening herself up to heal.

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    Jamie was so used to giving to friends, family, and work. Now, it's time for herself.

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    Amy is always developing, taking courses and meeting new people. This time, she needed to meet herself.

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    Kelly had to make time for herself in the program, and it was a big change from what she was used to.

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    Jules makes changes day-by-day, insisting on self-love and internal strength.

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    Erica is a mentor and leader to so many, but this time, she led herself to peace.

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    Wanna feel good?

    Do you know what happens when a group of women come together with a shared intention of improving their overall mental , emotional and physical health and wellness in a safe, supportive and loving environment?
    Magic. Magic happens.


    Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way to achieve happiness. You have to ignore your ego resisting what the Universe is trying to tell you and take aligned action.
    Sometimes the action can be small but set big things into motion! You're not meant to do this alone. Ask about the next opportunity to enroll in this annual program.